This practical day has been designed with mental health in mind, how should we be assessing capacity, how can we act in a patients bests interest within the constraints of the law, what methods will help in supporting a patient to receive treatment and care? A deeper understanding of how to best support patients with mental health crisis will be obtained from attending this course.

In addition you will be given an opportunity to explore the new clinical guidelines released following the App launch and you will gain knowledge of how to better manage life threatening asthma.

  • Mental Health crisis
  • Dementia
  • Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression
  • Clinical Guidelines what’s new?
  • Asthma- improving patient management
  • Practical methods of disengagement, break away and safe holding

Mental Health

  1. Correlate common mental health conditions and their associated signs and symptoms
  2. Identify techniques to help manage these conditions in the context of a pre-hospital emergency situation
  3. Explain how to assess level of suicide risk
  4. Applying guidance, identify a common mental health presentation and describe a safe and effective management approach


  1. Be able to develop protective strategies for patients that decline services with special regards to those with safeguarding needs*
  2. Understand when to use emergency systems to safeguard adults*
  3. Be able to maintain accurate, complete and up to date records∞*
  4. Know how and when to refer to social care if safeguarding/child protection is identified as a concern∞
  5. Be able to recognise and report evidence of inappropriate restraint being applied to vulnerable adults by professionals from other agencies*

 *Embedded content within PMVA

∞Embedded content within Clinical Guidelines  


Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) 

  1. Explain who has responsibility for safety and security within the organisation
  2. Explain what is meant by violence and aggression
  3. Describe the common causes of conflict
  4. Identify the different stages of conflict
  5. Explain the need for good customer care in conflict situations
  6. Describe methods of communication and their importance during conflict
  7. Identify why communication breaks down and how to create conditions for better communication
  8. Incorporating the JESIP Joint Decision Model, demonstrate how to conduct a dynamic risk assessment
  9. Recognise the warning signs and behaviour displayed by individuals during conflict situations
  10. Identify factors affecting conflict situations and their importance in decision making
  11. Summarise the methods and actions appropriate for particular conflict situations
  12. Explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ as described in law and its limitations and requirements
  13. Identify the range of support, both short and long-term, available to those affected by violence
  14. Understand the need to provide support to those directly affected by a violent incident
  15. Be able to recognise and report evidence of inappropriate restraint being applied to vulnerable adults by professionals from other agencies
  16. Be able to develop protective strategies for patients that decline services with special regards to those with safeguarding needs
  17. Understand the requirements of the Mental Capacity Act (2005), with regards to patient safety and safe removal using safe holds
  18. Demonstrate the procedure for recording the use of disengagement and safe holding on the ePCR
  19. Demonstrate the physical interventions and ensure they are carried out within current legislation, respecting the individual’s human rights and in a dignified manner

Clinical Guidelines

  1. Demonstrate how to download and access the Clinical Guideline App – JRCALC Plus
  2. Differentiate how to:
  3. Navigate around the app
  4. Find a guideline or medicine

III.           Find an age specific drug dose

  1. Access the relevant clinical guidelines to effectively manage a case study involving:
  2. Atrial fibrillation
  3. Sepsis and Bronchiolitis

III.           Paediatric head injury

  1. Hypertension Blood pressure
  2. Paediatric Gastroenteritis
  3. Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT)

VII.         Paediatric Abdominal Pain

VIII.        Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

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26-Feb-19 BNSSG NEC
27-Feb-19 BNSSG NEC
28-Feb-19 Wilts Dorman TBC
01-Mar-19 Wilts Dorman TBC
04-Mar-19 Wilts Dorman TBC
05-Mar-19 Glos Staverton
06-Mar-19 Glos Staverton
07-Mar-19 BNSSG NEC
08-Mar-19 BNSSG NEC
11-Mar-19 BNSSG NEC
12-Mar-19 BNSSG NEC
13-Mar-19 Glos Stroud
14-Mar-19 Glos Stroud
18-Mar-19 Wilts Dorman TBC
19-Mar-19 Wilts Dorman TBC
20-Mar-19 Wilts Trowbridge
21-Mar-19 Wilts Salisbury TBC
22-Mar-19 Wilts Trowbridge
01-Apr-19 BNSSG NEC
02-Apr-19 BNSSG NEC
03-Apr-19 BNSSG NEC
04-Apr-19 Wilts Salisbury
05-Apr-19 Wilts Dorman
29-Apr-19 Glos Staverton
30-Apr-19 Glos Stroud
01-May-19 Glos Stroud
02-May-19 BNSSG NEC
03-May-19 BNSSG NEC
07-May-19 BNSSG NEC
08-May-19 BNSSG NEC
09-May-19 Wilts Salisbury
10-May-19 Wilts Dorman
13-May-19 BNSSG NEC
14-May-19 BNSSG NEC
15-May-19 BNSSG NEC
16-May-19 Wilts Trowbridge
17-May-19 Glos Staverton
20-May-19 Glos Stroud
21-May-19 Glos Staverton
22-May-19 BNSSG NEC
23-May-19 BNSSG NEC
24-May-19 Wilts Trowbridge
03-Jun-19 Wilts Salisbury
04-Jun-19 Wilts Dorman
05-Jun-19 Glos Staverton
06-Jun-19 Glos Stroud
07-Jun-19 BNSSG NEC
10-Jun-19 BNSSG NEC
11-Jun-19 Wilts Trowbridge
12-Jun-19 Wilts Salisbury
13-Jun-19 Glos Staverton
14-Jun-19 Glos Staverton
17-Jun-19 Glos Staverton
18-Jun-19 Glos Staverton
19-Jun-19 Wilts Dorman
20-Jun-19 BNSSG NEC
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26-Jun-19 Glos Stroud
27-Jun-19 Wilts Salisbury
28-Jun-19 Wilts Trowbridge
01-Jul-19 Wilts Trowbridge
02-Jul-19 Wilts Dorman
03-Jul-19 Glos Staverton
04-Jul-19 BNSSG NEC
05-Jul-19 BNSSG NEC
08-Jul-19 Wilts Trowbridge
09-Jul-19 BNSSG NEC
10-Jul-19 Glos Staverton
11-Jul-19 Wilts Dorman
12-Jul-19 Wilts Salisbury
15-Jul-19 Wilts Trowbridge
16-Jul-19 Wilts Trowbridge
17-Jul-19 BNSSG NEC
18-Jul-19 Glos Staverton
19-Jul-19 Wilts Dorman
02-Sep-19 BNSSG NEC
03-Sep-19 Glos Stroud
04-Sep-19 Wilts Trowbridge
05-Sep-19 Wilts Dorman
06-Sep-19 BNSSG NEC
09-Sep-19 Wilts Salisbury
10-Sep-19 BNSSG NEC
11-Sep-19 Glos Staverton
12-Sep-19 Wilts Dorman
16-Sep-19 BNSSG NEC
17-Sep-19 Wilts Trowbridge
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25-Sep-19 Wilts Dorman
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27-Sep-19 BNSSG NEC
01-Oct-19 BNSSG NEC
02-Oct-19 Glos Staverton
03-Oct-19 Wilts Trowbridge
08-Oct-19 Wilts Dorman
09-Oct-19 BNSSG NEC
10-Oct-19 Glos Stroud
15-Oct-19 Glos Venue TBC
16-Oct-19 Wilts Dorman
17-Oct-19 BNSSG NEC
22-Oct-19 BNSSG NEC
23-Oct-19 Glos Staverton
24-Oct-19 Wilts Salisbury
29-Oct-19 Wilts Dorman
30-Oct-19 BNSSG NEC
31-Oct-19 Glos Staverton
05-Nov-19 Glos Staverton
06-Nov-19 Wilts Dorman
07-Nov-19 BNSSG NEC
12-Nov-19 BNSSG NEC
13-Nov-19 Glos Stroud
14-Nov-19 Wilts Trowbridge
19-Nov-19 Wilts Salisbury
20-Nov-19 BNSSG NEC
21-Nov-19 Glos Staverton
26-Nov-19 Glos Stroud
27-Nov-19 Wilts Salisbury
28-Nov-19 BNSSG NEC
07-Jan-20 BNSSG NEC
08-Jan-20 BNSSG NEC
09-Jan-20 Wilts Dorman
14-Jan-20 Wilts Trowbridge
15-Jan-20 Wilts Dorman
16-Jan-20 BNSSG NEC
21-Jan-20 Glos Staverton
22-Jan-20 Wilts Dorman
23-Jan-20 BNSSG NEC
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29-Jan-20 BNSSG NEC
30-Jan-20 Wilts Trowbridge
04-Feb-20 Wilts Salisbury
05-Feb-20 BNSSG NEC
06-Feb-20 Wilts Trowbridge
11-Feb-20 Glos Staverton
12-Feb-20 Wilts Dorman
13-Feb-20 BNSSG NEC
18-Feb-20 BNSSG NEC
19-Feb-20 BNSSG NEC
20-Feb-20 Wilts Dorman
25-Feb-20 Wilts Salisbury
26-Feb-20 BNSSG NEC
27-Feb-20 Glos Staverton
03-Mar-20 Wilts Trowbridge
04-Mar-20 Wilts Trowbridge
05-Mar-20 BNSSG NEC
10-Mar-20 BNSSG NEC
11-Mar-20 Wilts Salisbury
12-Mar-20 Wilts Dorman
17-Mar-20 Wilts
18-Mar-20 BNSSG NEC
19-Mar-20 BNSSG NEC
24-Mar-20 Glos Staverton
25-Mar-20 Wilts Dorman
26-Mar-20 BNSSG NEC