Entry requirements

You must be a relevant registered health and social care professional

Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and critical evaluation of applied physical assessment techniques.
  • Critically analyse and differentiate normal and abnormal physical assessment variants, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the clinical significance.
  • Formulate and critically analyse treatment plans based on clinical findings.
  • Critically analyse how learning from this module has transformed your understanding of your practice.
Learning and Teaching

The programme will be entirely delivered using a blended learning methodology; incorporating technology enhanced learning material, online web content, video presentations, lectures and seminars.

Scheduled learning includes lectures; case based learning including small group work and seminar discussion.

Independent learning includes essential reading, assignment preparation and completion and presentation preparation and completion.

Study time – Indicative Student Workload (hours)
  • Guided independent study 182
  • Scheduled learning and teaching 18


*Virtual* Teaching dates

Module start date – April 2021

Module Close date – TBC

This online module consists of a start and finish date only with no set attendance- there will be bookable assessment options to be arranged with the UoC.

Application Deadline – 27/01/2021

Please do NOT apply direct with UoC unless you have been told your application is successful – If you do you funding application will be rejected

For more details on the application process :

Please see the ‘How to apply page’  for more info & downloads of the scoring and application process T&Cs you will be agreeing to by applying.

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