*This module is open to staff from across SWAST, however please be mindful that delivery of this module may be face-to-face, so some travel may be required. Travel costs are not supported as part of this module funding. Please contact the university directly if you have any queries about delivery mode.*

Prior to applying or expressing an interest in a module place please ensure you have checked that you meet the entry requirements.

All professionals are required to continuously engage in professional development with a feature of this being not only being able to identify and meet learning needs, but to apply the learning to practice. The professional development can be achieved either through work related courses or activities, attendance at conferences/masterclasses, courses outside the university, sessions within the university or self study.

The aim of this unit is to provide a structure through which the learning gained can be acknowledged and the student can critically reflect on the impact of the learning on both themselves and their workplace.

BU webpage – DO NOT apply here unless instructed to or your application will be refused

The unit aims:

  • To develop critical understanding of professional knowledge / skills acquired through structured learning
  • To develop skills in reflection and critical evaluation of practice
  • To develop application of learning in professional and organisational contexts

In this unit students engage in learning from a variety of sources prior to completing the assessment. This learning may be of a formal or informal nature, but it is expected that it will be at least 12 hours duration. This can include self-study, attending conference/study day/masterclasses etc. The contact hours in University discusses the benefits of work based learning and prepares students in terms of study skills for the assignment.

The focus of the assignment is negotiated with unit leader in class and by tutorial support during the unit via e-mail, phone or personal tutorial.  In addition Action learning group support will be available for students to meet, network and reflect upon the learning process.

This course requires 100% attendance.

Mode of Delivery: Blended learning (Day 1 face to face and Days 2-4 online) *correct at time of publishing May 2022.
Entry requirements

Normally students may enter Level 7 (Master’s level) study if they have been awarded:

  • Undergraduate degree (honours or non-honours)
  • An equivalent qualification (the learning outcome of which are demonstrably appropriate in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills) equivalent to 120 credits at Level 6.
Run 1: November 2022:
Attendance dates – 07/11/2022, 21/11/2022, 05/12/2022, 19/12/2022
Run 2: February 2023:
Attendance dates – 13/02/2023, 27/02/2023, 20/03/2023, 03/04/2023
You need to be available for all dates.

*Please check here to ensure attendance dates have not changed since date of publishing (May 2022). 

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Deadline for applications: Monday 15th August at 9am. 

You will be contacted approx 2-3 weeks after this to let you know if you have been successful as the CPD scoring process.

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