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Prior to applying or expressing an interest in a module place please check the application deadline and ensure you have checked that you meet the entry requirements.

This clinically-focused unit has been developed in response to the need to enhance the assessment skills of healthcare professionals across the health and social care sector. The unit offers the opportunity for healthcare professionals to enhance their skills in the assessment of adult patients and further develop their knowledge in the relevant pathophysiology applied to stages of the assessment.

As a result this will enable healthcare professionals to be able to confidently undertake a consultation of a presenting patient, perform an assessment utilising enhanced skills, identify any relevant red flags through their assessment, interpret the findings of their assessment and consider the relevant escalation and action plans, specific to the sector in which they are based.


*This module is best suited to paramedics wishing for a refresher in assessment skills- NQPs may find that the content of this module covers skills and theories they have recently done during their BSc*

Unit content

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  • Approaches to person-centred consultation, using therapeutic communication
  • General assessment and initial impressions – recognising soft signs
  • Recognition of red flags and acute deterioration through assessment (supported by online learning materials)
  • Pathophysiology and enhanced assessment of the cardiovascular system, interpretations finding of your assessment
  • ECG Interpretation (Supported by online materials)
  • Pathophysiology and enhanced assessment of the respiratory system, interpreting finding of your assessment
  • Pathophysiology and enhanced assessment of the gastro-intestinal system, interpreting finding of your assessment
  • Mental Health assessment tools – MMSE and strategies for supporting patients with mental health
  • Developing patient – centered action plans
  • Documentation of assessment findings
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Having successfully completed this unit the student is expected to:
  • Demonstrate a critical thinking approach in application of their knowledge of  patho-physiology to the process of patient assessment.
  • Distinguish red flags through interpretation of history taking and assessment providing a range of differential diagnoses
  • Synthesize and co-produce patient-centered action plans based upon critical appraisal of the evidence base and patient wishes
  • Critically evaluate their own personal and professional development needed to further develop their skills in assessment in line with their clinical role.

This course requires 100% attendance.


Applicants will be Registered Health Care Professionals working in direct patient care roles.

Normally students may enter Level 7 (Master’s level) study if they have been awarded:

  • Undergraduate degree (honours or non-honours)
  • An equivalent qualification (the learning outcome of which are demonstrably appropriate in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills) equivalent to 120 credits at Level 6.

If you do not meet this criteria you are still able to apply for this unit but we may ask you to complete a study skills handbook to familiarise yourself with academic writing at masters level or pre-admission work. This will be sent to you when we have received your application form.

Applicants will be Registered Health Care Professionals working in direct patient care roles.


All contact dates are face-to-face at Bournemouth University – attendance is required on all days. 


Run 1: 30/10/2023, 06/11/2023, 20/11/2023, 27/11/2023, 04/12/2023, 08/01/2024, 09/01/2024

Run 2: 11/03/2024, 18/03/2024, 25/03/2024, 08/04/2024, 15/04/2024, 29/04/2024, 30/04/2024

Your application, if successful, secures you funding for a place on one of these runs. Capacity is limited on each, so successful applicants are advised to respond promptly to enrolment instructions if you do have a preferred date.

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The deadline for applications is: Tuesday 1st August 2023 at 9 am

You will be contacted  after this to let you know if the module will run, and if you have been successful as the CPD scoring process, you will be asked to apply for a place.

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