Back 2 basicsAn introduction to searching healthcare databases for evidence and how to evaluate your findings for research purposes. This session will equip you to use the Discovery Library Service and to find and critique papers suitable for any Evidence based Practice style further education module or for own personal research purposes.

Learning outcomes:

Awareness of availability of Discovery Library physical and on-line service and resources.

Ability to search for and identify papers relevant to personal needs.

Ability to evaluate the evidence with an understanding of the basic statistical concepts.



Hands on database searching demonstration and practical. Group exercises on evidence analysis.


Programme of event:


1330-1630: How to search the NHS and other databases for evidence.

1500-1530: An introduction to medical statistics.

1530-1630: How to analyse a paper and on-line aids to evaluation.

Date – 9th December 2019

Time – 10:00 – 13:00


Roche Training Centre

Station Approach, Victoria,

Penstraze Ln,


Roche PL26 8LG

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Roche Training Centre