To support our Practice Educators (Mentors) during COVID, update days are returning, but they will now be a Virtual 5hr update due to COVID restrictions.

This is the 2.5 hr update is for those PEs who have already completed a face to face Update day last year.

*You can do the 5hr virtual update this year as well if you want a refresher, (you will be paid for both) but you are only required to do this one to stay up to date. 

You will still need to be a qualified, actively mentoring as a Practice Educator (Mentor), or ready to be allocated a student and supporting our future paramedic workforce.

This update will consist of a 2.5 hour course looking at the mentoring process, the professional aspects of mentoring, and feedback and assessment. This update will be offered on overtime, and you will need to register your interest below to have the course added to your ‘My ESR portal’.

Please see the link below on how to access a Practice Educator (Mentor) course if you need to obtain a qualification. (You will need this to register for an update place).

You will be paid 2.5 hours overtime at your usual rate.

The 2.5hrs overtime for this course will automatically be updated onto GRS for you once the course has been completed, please do not contact ROC or your OO team to ask for this to be added, this is not necessary. Please ensure that you do not submit your ECF (Timesheet) until this overtime is showing. 

If you need to submit your timesheet early for any reason and need the OT to be added urgently then please contact Louie Amos and Lisa Rigby to arrange this for you. If you submit your timesheet before this is added you may not be paid.

The course will be delivered online to replace the face-to-face PE Update day.

This online Practice Educator (Mentor) update is a paid course and must be booked via the SWAST CPD Website. In order to be eligible for the update, you must have a Practice Educator (Mentor) qualification. If you don’t already have a student, it is very likely you will be allocated one after completing the update.

How to book on the update:
    • Register via
    • The course will be allocated to you in ESR, and will appear in your ‘my ESR’ home page
    • Once you have completed the course, your name will be added to a list that will be sent on a monthly basis to payroll for payment

Use the form below to book on the PE update course – if you need a Mentorship qualification – use the button below

Click here – for Mentorship qualification – scroll down to register for the Practice Educator update

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