Emergency Services Mental Health Street Triage & advice phone line

You may not be aware, but you can access rapid, ON SCENE, face to face mental health assessment and triage for your patients. This is now available to support all emergency services personnel in BNSSG!

If face to face assesment is unavailable, (they are a limited team), you can also access a telephone advice and patient assessment by senior AWP Mental Health Clinicians. They are there to support you in making decisons, and will also be able to take responsiblity for the these decisons if needed, supporting you with difficult decisions and possible on scene discharges.


The number to call for those who are in need of either advice or support (or even both!)

01275 816982

(You can also find this number on MIDoS)

The service is provided by senior AWP Mental Health Clinicians, who will be there to provide you with the relevant support on a 24/7 basis* 
*after 22:00 this number goes to the local AWP switch board & crisis teams.

This should be the main point of contact for all emergency service staff requiring mental health support and advice. (The service covers the BNSSG area only)

You can read more about the team here  *please note this webpage talks about working with A&S Police, but the service has now been extended to SWASfT and FRS.

*Also- coming soon from AWP – Training sessions to support you dealing with service users with borderline personality disorders and emotional intensity*